Software Development

Akeria is the leading AI based ERP and cloud ERP software developer in Navi Mumbai offering ERP software services and solutions for school, hospitals, inventory, hotels, and restaurants.

  • We offer excellent customer service and support during ERP implementation. Our well trained and experienced team of experts are always willing to go that extra mile to help customers
  • We offer customized ERP software according to the niche of your business, your project goals, key people in the decision-making process, company structure, etc
  • We integrate every single part of your business under a roof so that distribution, sales, customer service, and finance, every department will work in unison.
  • The major goal of ERP software is to integrate business process and facilitate the information flow in an organization so that the business decisions are data-driven.
  • The Akeria Applications proficiency develops long-term partnerships with healthcare organizations and enables them to:
    1. Leverage our strong application development capabilities including UX, architecture, design, development and QA / test automation
    2. Expand full-stack engineering teams for a wide variety of development platforms, across front-end, services, data tier, and QA
    3. Adopt platform, continuation and API-based models, while addressing new challenges for legacy applications and infrastructure
Software development services in navi mumbai